Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bike Stickers: for the 5 Year Old in All of Us

Anyone who knows me is tuned into the idea that I {heart} stickers. I have no idea why I love them so much, and I'm aware that it's quite juvenile, but I seem to be drawn to them wherever I go. My toolboxes of art supplies are loaded up with them (mostly bike-related), and while I've refrained from putting them on my bikes for fear of damaging the paint, it doesn't seem to stop the excitement when I find a fun bike-relevant sticker.
I got the above stickers online from World's Best Bike Stickers. They're based out of Tuscon, and the shop is an independent printing location. They do buttons, t-shirts, and (drum roll please) stickers! After realizing that I could get a grab bag of stickers for a very low price, how could I resist? One of the nicest things about the shop is that if you have an idea for a sticker, t-shirt, etc, you can contact them to do customized prints. There are many places on the web that do customized print work, but it was nice to find a spot that specializes in bike-relevant paraphernalia.

Since I have some extras to spread around now (how many stickers can one person use after all?), I think I'll take them with me to the next bike valet and give them out to interested people, or maybe just give them out randomly on the street? Who knows. I love finding new-to-me places for fun stuff though! Any exciting bike related items you've found out in the world lately? Feel free to share.

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  1. Nice stickers. We are all free to design our bikes and i agree for that. My bikes are full of stickers...


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