Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Weekend Ride {and an unfortunate, but fixable, flat tire}

Last night, we went for a fairly mild-paced little group ride with a few folks associated with Bicycle Longmont, and even though it was cloudy, windy, and eventually raining on us, things started off quite nicely.
We stopped along the way to take in scenery and get some information on local habitat for the area.
We took a little rest after trudging up a hill to get to a nearby park area.
Sam was even smiling during the ride past all the corn fields... miles and miles of corn.
Then, one of the riders got a crazy flat. It was so loud that several of us stopped because the air just came gushing out of the rear tire. Fortunately, there are some really helpful people along, and everyone attempted to help fix this minor delay.
While difficult to see, the flat was actually quite a little slice out of the tube.
Sam, the handy (and frequent) flat fixer was prepared to get this tire off and back on quickly.
Soon we were able to get back on the road to finished up our ride.
But not before a lovely view of this rainbow through the clouds. As usual, I didn't have an appropriate camera with me, but even the camera phone seemed to pick this up a bit.
Hope you're out enjoying a nice weekend ride, wherever you may be in the world.

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  1. That sounds nice. I couldn't ride this past weekend, due to a medical condition. However, I should be back in the saddle by this coming-up weekend. Saturday is our club's century ride. DH and I will do a ride in the morning, then serve grub in the afternoon.


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