Friday, July 15, 2011

A Masked Visitor

This is a little visitor we found outside our front door about a week ago just as the sun was going behind the Rocky Mountains.
A baby raccoon paid us a visit
According to one of our neighbors, raccoon's regularly come up from the sewer at the end of our block (where they live) and make their way through the neighborhood at dusk, and sometimes in the early morning hours as well. This particular little one was just a baby, and was completely fearless (and also alone). He let me get within a foot of him at one point, and didn't seem to have any need to run away (from what I've read since seeing him, raccoon's aren't afraid of humans).
I love seeing wildlife up close. We weren't entirely sure what to do with him though, and he was obviously looking for food, so we tried to just observe from a bit of distance to help keep him comfortable and confident. We're hoping that he found his way back home (though we have no way of really knowing). While we like to try to help any animal that seems to be in need of assistance, we don't exactly have a great track record with helping lost, wild animals.

Hope your Friday is full of a little wildness!


  1. I am completely and utterly freaked out by raccoons. Their little hands! *shudder*

  2. {giggle} It is a little weird to watch them use their hands, and I completely understand the 'freaked out' feelings. The baby was so cute though - not quite the same as seeing a full-sized raccoon. I might have been a bit more intimidated by an adult.

    I can say it's made me think about the dog door and how easily a raccoon (or other animal) could end up inside. Not sure I'd enjoy walking in the front door to find a 25+ pound critter staring me in the face.

  3. He was about the size of a kitten, and moved at 1/4th the speed. Not nearly as scary in person, as in pictures. I assume he made it home.

    Funny thing i learned about their hands, they can "feel/smell" with their hands from a distance, without even touching something, so technically they don't need to smell, or look at it to know if it's food or not.

    "nosehands" or not, I don't think i want one foraging in our basement!


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