Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Quick Peek @ the "Possible" New House

Yesterday, we had an inspection done on the potential new house. I forgot what a long process an inspection is, as it has been awhile. The inspector was quite thorough, however, and for that, we were quite grateful.
The actual living area of the house is a little over 700 sq feet (we've both lived in apartments larger than this house, crazy as that seems). If this goes through, the short wall pictured above would be removed to open up the living area.
 The kitchen is small and a little awkwardly arranged, but I think we can make it work. Definite changes and updates are needed, but I don't think there's anything so hideous that it would need to be immediately replaced.
There is only one bathroom, and it's small, but it works. We figured at some point down the line (in many years) we could add on a master suite area with a larger bathroom. For now though, this one would work.
The yard (both back and front) are probably what need the most work. Right now everything is dormant, so it doesn't seem to bad, but the reality is that there is much that needs to be dug up and either replaced or cleaned out. At least there is a one car garage though to serve as a studio for our stuff.

The biggest issue found by the inspector was not what we anticipated (we figured there would be electrical and plumbing issues). Instead, what we discovered is that there are foundation issues - as in, the house is sliding. The question has become whether or not this is something we want to get ourselves into, knowing that it will take tens of thousands of dollars to repair the foundation. At this point, it is still up in the air, so we'll see what happens in this process, but I thought it was kind of fun to share a few pictures of the little house.

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