Monday, March 28, 2011

Early Summer Bicycle Plans

So, my spring break officially comes to an end today... so very sad. It wasn't much of a "break" really, as the most I was able to accomplish was all education-related. I sometimes wonder why the school bothers to give us a week off if they're just going to assign us so many things to do that we just work the whole week, but I suppose it's a nice week off for the professors, if nothing else. With every day that passed, I'd look out in the garage at the bicycles, wishing I had enough time to go for a nice long ride, but I just never had enough solid chunks of time to go out and ride. With that in mind, I started day dreaming about being able to ride this summer.
*Image from osixandseven on Flicker
Because a ride is rarely quick from our current home, I started thinking about the summer months and what my bicycle plans will be because we'll be in such close proximity to many things that are fun bicycle destinations. I've already mapped out several spots I plan to visit via bicycle after the move, and after school lets out in early May, I will have some free time to roam about the city.
I'm hoping that the plan will actually help to get me through the final stretch of class. I'm looking forward to visits to parks, lakes, and actually just running errands via bike! I'm also realizing that this will be my last free summer. I've enjoyed very much being a kid again and having summer months for frolicking and doing what I please. I will miss it when I have to be a grown up again and get a real job once more. {sigh} Stupid real jobs. If only I could live in fantasy land forever. A girl can dream, right?


  1. "but I suppose it's a nice week off for the professors, if nothing else."

    Are you kidding?! Perhaps at your college/university it's true, but at most research universities (like CU), teaching is only a (minority) part of what professors do. Most profs that I know use breaks to accelerate their groups' research, catch up on bureaucratic demands (NSF, DARPA, university-level, etc.), and catch up on teaching-related activities (grading, course planning, etc.).

    If it's the case that you feel that at your college/university that you're doing a lot of "busy" work while the profs are being lazy, I recommend going elsewhere.

  2. Hi Aaron... My comments were not intended as an insult to professors in the education realm. Believe me, Iworked for colleges/universities in the past (including CU) prior to my return to school, and understand that everyone has work to complete. I also don't consider my studies to be "busy work;" however, my point was to state that it seems like providing a week off, which really isn't a week off, is rather pointless. Why not just continue classes as scheduled and end a week earlier?


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