Thursday, February 3, 2011

Australian Wallaby

Recently, one of my brothers up and moved half way across the world to Australia. It's a temporary move (we presume) for about two years, and he's trying to get himself acclimated to a new culture and life. Today, I received some adorable pictures from him.
My brother feeds a little critter
This little guy is too freaking cute! I am told that these are Black-Foot Rock Wallabies and that they roam freely through his backyard!!
So adorable!
I am entirely jealous that he has the opportunity to experience life in another country, AND that he has these cute little creatures running through his yard area. {sigh}


  1. That is so cute!! It would be great to have those in your yard. I'd love to move to another country also, at least for a few years. Unfortunately I can't quite figure out how to make that happen just yet :)

  2. I know... I'm so jealous! He was fortunate in that his employer was looking for volunteers to go for a 2-year contract. He is single and was ready for a change, so it all worked out.


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