Saturday, February 26, 2011

And, Another One Bites the Dust

Another bicycle has left the house, and we are getting down to the core of what we'll keep in the new home (again, if the new house acquisition actually transpires). Today, Sam's Globe Haul was sold to a lovely woman who is working on her master's degree at Regis in Denver.
Globe Haul stock image
She seemed to like the bike and we both hope it will be a good ride for her to get around. She actually lives in the neighborhood we'll be moving to soon, so I told her not to be surprised if I see her rolling down the street and yell out, "Hey, I know that bike!"

The bicycles are dwindling quickly (and thankfully). I think in some sense it's a relief to not have the excess sitting around with us left wondering when we'll ride them all. We think one more will need to go (from Sam's end of the garage) to get it to a point that is even semi-realistic for us. Since Sam has two mountain bikes, both of which he built up, but that are completely different, he will likely shed one of these in the near future. At that point, we'll be down to five bikes total in the house (which still seems like a lot to me): Sam's Surly Long Haul Trucker, one of Sam's mountain bikes (either the Diamondback or the Surly), Sam's recently acquired folding bike, the Hillborne, and of course the Pashley Poppy. I think that these are more than enough to sustain us comfortably.

Happy weekend to all! I'm off to donate the bags of clothes I gathered up last weekend.

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