Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ninety-Three Percent

When I went back to school a couple of years ago, I discovered, or rather was informed (by a rather grouchy counselor I might add) that I was missing an Arts/Letters class for my general ed requirements. I decided to put it off because I was a little annoyed that I was being forced to return to those general classes I had thought were completed.  After getting over it and realizing that I will never finish unless I take the darn class, I ended up taking a music theory class this semester to make up for this deficiency, as an art class doesn't count for me (because I'm a fine arts major). Today I received an email from my instructor informing me that I have done far better than the "C" I had anticipated at the start of the semester.
Though it's a bit difficult to read here, it states that since I took both portions of my final exam early (I thought this was best as I have a very large painting to finish before Friday that has just barely begun, and a presentation to prepare for Wednesday), the professor was able to let me know my grade early.  I received a class grade of  "A" with a 93 percent. I'm excited because 1) I don't anticipate doing as well in my other classes this term, so this will help to counter balance; 2) I fully expected to just pass the class because I really didn't put forth the effort I normally would in a course; and, 3) Let's face it, anything involving "theory" tends to be a drag.

All I can say is "YAY!" Now the countdown really has begun. Soon, I'll be back to my normal bicycle chatter, but for now, I'm just basking in the glory of being done with one class... and soon, the rest will follow.

Psst... by the way, it's been incredibly gorgeous here in Colorado! We haven't really even had any snow stick yet, and tomorrow, it's supposed to be close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It's as though Christmas came early this year.

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