Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finding a Place

Saturday has been an entirely enjoyable, great day. We were able to get out of the house and enjoy the beautifully clear skies, and we had the opportunity to check out a new art gallery here in Longmont called Rabid Rabit Gallery. The current show (which is ending in just a few days), is called Sacred Space.  I was fascinated to see all of the different types of artwork that fit into the theme of the show. Everything from handmade jewelry to ceramics to paintings. I thought it was quite an interesting show, and an adorable space. I should've taken some pictures, but I was enamored with the whole space and left before I realized I had nothing to share.

At times, I feel entirely disconnected from the local art scene, as I spend most of my days in Denver. Each time I visit a space in town I feel as though I learn a bit more about the art community that is right around me; and, as Sam pointed out, I realize that I truly am much more comfortable in a more easy-going, bohemian kind of atmosphere. Overall, I'm pretty laid back, but I have my moments of "type A" personality that can rear its head at the appropriate moment(s). Calling myself an "artist" still takes a bit of work, but I'm getting there. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to call myself an artist without laughing about it. As I get closer to nearing the end of my time in school though, I can't help but question how much I've learned if I don't even want to show anyone the work I've done.

The longer we are here the more attached I become to the city though. It's hard not to like it when there's pretty much anything one could want within semi-reasonable distance. Plus, when you can have a gorgeous day like today, with 50 degree weather, no wind, and clear skies, on a nearly-December day, why would anyone ever leave?

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