Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of the best things about bicycles is that they always start in the morning, they never leave you abandoned because the engine isn't functioning, and despite a couple of possible hiccups, there really isn't much that can go wrong on a bike.

Today, I ventured into town by car to visit some local second hand thrift/furniture stores. We've been looking for a couple of tables for the living room, and they seem to be more difficult to find than I thought they would be. In full anticipation of actually finding something that would work, I decided to take the CRV into town for my hunt. I was a bit early arriving to the first store, and I saw that there was an open house just up the street, so I decided to go ahead and take a peek while I waited for the store to open. For the record, the house was adorable, and even had an outdoor pool (a dream of mine for some time).
Outdoor pool and pool house at the Open House
All was going well, and I went to leave when... my car wouldn't start. Ugh! Seriously? I know I expect a lot from my car. I drive it 70ish miles several times a week during my commute back and forth to classes, and it does have quite a few on it, but I've never had any problems at all.  Suddenly, I found myself quite upset with the car, as though it had done something wrong. The reality is, things go bad and wear out on cars. Batteries go dead, alternators need to be replaced, and after a long life it can even become necessary to possibly replace the engine or transmission.

As I sat in the car debating what to do (since Sam is away for the day, helping out his father with some manual labor projects), I went blank. "Do I really not have anyone to call?" I asked myself. Of course, I do, but in the moment I felt alone and trapped, which reminded me that bicycles don't do this to us. As long as we can fix a flat (which I'm working on learning to do with better ease, and with more confidence), or put a chain back on the derailleur, there isn't a lot to go wrong with a bike. I also realized, as I began the 9 mile walk home, that I wouldn't have the opportunity to fully appreciate this autumn season that will soon disappear if the car hadn't decided not to start.
Autumn's beautiful colors
Trees losing their leaves
Autumn leaves in the evergreen ground plants
While the camera phone is unable to do the colors justice, the sights were simply beautiful to behold. I even was able to watch a few bicyclists as they were riding to wherever their destinations might be.
Man on bicycle waits to cross at the signal
My one concern about walking the distance home though was that I really wasn't in the appropriate foot attire for such a hike home.
Sandals aren't really great for walking several miles of highway home
Fortunately, I was able to reach a friend who was cleaning at home and said she'd be right over to pick me up.
Though she looks a bit upset with me here, Lin was actually quite happy to take me home,
and believe me, my feet were entirely grateful!
So, while I wait semi-patiently to find out more specifically what has gone wrong with my trusty steed, I am reminded that there are good friends in this life, that autumn brings some gorgeous colors that shouldn't be missed, and that tennis shoes are an absolute must in a car that is aging and has many, many miles on it.


  1. Fortunately it all worked out, and it was only a battery issue (it was time), plus you were in a safe place locally. For xmas, you'll get a folding bike!

  2. Haha - a folding bike is a very good idea :) Glad everything worked out. I'm impressed that you were actually going to try walking 9 miles to get home!! I once missed a shuttle and was annoyed that I had to walk 2 miles to get home! I normally wouldn't think 2 miles was very much, but in my defense, it was like 100 degrees and I was lugging a heavy bag since I hadn't planned on walking - and of course, like you, I wasn't wearing shoes very appropriate for walking :)

  3. I think so... of course, any excuse for another bicycle. :o)

    As for the 9 mile walk home, I wasn't looking forward to it, but I figured I had to do what I had to do. I certainly don't blame you for not wanting to lug a heavy bag in 100 degree weather - really for any length of distance more than to a shuttle/bus/car/etc! I get cranky when it gets into the high 80s, so I can imagine my annoyance if I was forced into a long walk in 100 deg weather, and with humidity, I'm sure it feels even worse.


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