Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday, Fun Day

Today, Sam and I decided to take the bikes into town to do errands and to have breakfast. It was a beautiful day full of mid-70s sunshine and a light breeze. Our first stop was the post office to drop off a package for mom and the mortgage payment (that for some reason we can't seem to pay online) and a few other bills. We'd gotten off to a late start for the morning, but we decided to ride over to the Egg and I for some brunch.
As the sign on the door states, it's a locally owned/operated breakfast and lunch establishment, which is quite tasty. Even though it was closing in on 11 am, I was still in the mood for breakfast, so while Sam played with his phone and looked quickly over the menu,
I went ahead and ordered one of my favorites here: the Texas skillet (minus eggs/meat). It came out looking a little overly cheesy (if there is such a thing), but it was tasty, and we were both so hungry, they probably could've put anything in front of us at that point in the morning.
It's basically mushroom, green pepper, onion, and of course cheese and potatoes with an english muffin. Probably enough fat for the entire week on this plate, but I definitely enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the festive little decorations on the table... much fun for Halloween and autumn time.
After pretty well cleaning our plates, we went to get the bicycles, which were waiting patiently at the bike rack outside the restaurant.
We rode over to Hobby Lobby because I was considering getting a second large easel for my paintings, as I always seem to be working on multiple projects at the same time, and it's nice when they're wet to have a place to put them. We also wanted to look for some fabric for the kitchen table chairs, as they are in need of a makeover. After leaving and deciding to think things over, we opted for the St. Vrain Greenway route home, instead of riding the highway... much more pleasant. While it wasn't quite as pretty as the trees in town, it was much nicer than having to hear the roar of engines racing down the highway.
Overall, it was a beautiful autumn day, full of fun bicycle riding, being together, and accomplishing some research for items that need to be taken care of at home.


  1. Nice day, excellent company, good one all around. Hard to believe it's almost November!

  2. It was a gorgeous day! Loved spending the day just riding around. :o)


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