Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Hunting in Denver

Today began an exhaustive search for Will's new home. When Sam's friend moved here last September from South Carolina (via a year long stay over in Oregon), he wanted to live the urban life in an apartment and have things within walking distance. Seemed reasonable to us. Now, he's in the market to purchase his own home rather than renting, and we decided to help him out by being the annoying tag-a-longs as we searched out various areas. Will's brilliant idea is to find a single story duplex, buy it, rent us one half, while we in turn rent out our house (since there is no way we can sell our current house in this market). If this were to actually take place, we would want the new home to be in a place that is in an area that has a lot of things within walking/riding distance, otherwise, there would be no point in moving.

But, before the big search got under way, I had to stop and pick up some art supplies, and since we were in Denver anyway, might as well go to one of the best little shops around, especially if one is looking for paper (which I was).
Kozo's store front: small, unassuming, but great people inside
After picking up supplies I needed (for the work I should've been at home completing), we were all hungry, so we stepped across the street to a little pub for some lunch.
Turkey wrap, with some all too greasy (though good) fries.
 We sucked down some water, people watched from the outdoor patio, and the boys had a good time being silly (particularly Will).
Empty water glass: More please!
Will being weird, Sam hiding his disgust
Having the opportunity to be in Denver and feel like a part of the community is always nice. I know I spend a lot of time there anyway when in class, but I don't ever get to experience the city because I'm in my little protective bubble and I stay focused on the tasks at hand while there, only departing the art building to head home.
People bicycling, walking, and just enjoying city living
It's easy to see why people want to live close to things. Accessibility, convenience, and enjoying life is so much more fun when you aren't driving tons of miles to get to where you're going. After a nearly day-long hunt for the perfect area, I don't think we are any closer to a find for Will, but I did realize that I absolutely don't want to stay where we are any longer than we must, as ditching the cars for two-wheeled, or two-legged transportation is so much more appealing!

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