Friday, July 16, 2010

When the Aliens Arrive on Earth...

I hope they take the bastard who just hit the poor prairie dog on the highway, not killing him, but leaving him alive, with two broken legs, squirming in the road. I literally feel ill right now. How could someone be so cruel? It's not as though it's the first time I've seen this happen either (well, it's the first time I've seen one left alive/maimed after being hit, but not the first time I've witnessed one being brutally slaughtered because some a$$hole driver couldn't veer one way or the other to avoid the prairie dog). I know that I can be more attached/emotional/etc about animals than some, but seriously, do you have to aim for them? I also understand that they breed like rabbits and that there are so many of them that the farmer's around here just cannot stand them, but they're still a life, and one that should be respected. After all, they live in "towns" like we do, just underground. They take up several acres for each of these little colonies, and the "families" of prairie dogs are very, what I would call, human like, in that they kick their young out when it's time for them to start their own family, they protect their own, and they have a complex communication system using their "barks" to speak with each other. They seem to have it more together than the humans too, as they are herbivores (well, except for the insects they eat) and they actually can also serve to change the composition of the soil in a region by reversing soil compaction that can be the result of cattle grazing.

So, mister Ford truck driver, who decided that the life on the road wasn't nearly as important as your cell phone call -- when the alien's invade, I'm praying that they use you for experimentation first. Maybe you'll be left maimed and wondering just what happened to you (so much for the pacifist philosophy for me today, I suppose).

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