Thursday, April 1, 2010


I love those epiphany moments when you believe whole heartedly that you have discovered the thing you have been struggling to conclude. While sitting here wallowing in self pity and trying to figure out where I went wrong in life, I think I may have had one of these epiphanies. Seriously. As many know, I've struggled with the idea of finishing school. I've been unsure of what it is that I will actually do when I'm through all of this, and while one part of me wants merely to enjoy the process, the other side of me realizes that I'm not enjoying it because the logical side of me knows that there is no freaking way I'm ever going to have a paying job after all of this, unless I go back to what I know.

So, what does one do when all they know is recruiting/human resources and is working on completing a fine arts degree (besides, of course, becoming tragically and ridiculously in serious debt)? You become a recruiter and advisor to graduating artists! DUH! I've tried looking it up to see if such a thing exists, but I've been unable to find such a service. How great would it be to be able to freelance myself out to various high schools or colleges and counsel students who are going through exactly what I'm going through right now! I'm seriously overjoyed about this idea and while I have no idea if it's even a practical solution to my ongoing quest for a career, I can't help but think it is such a great way to incorporate my newly acquired fondness for art with what I know how to do - help people, specifically with job related information.

While I realize this may come to a crashing halt in the near future, for the moment it has inspired me to continue on and know that there is a light at the end of this seemingly never ending tunnel. Thank you brain. You've finally started working again.

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  1. Plausible and possible idea. Very new around here, and marketable, in my opinion.



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