Monday, November 16, 2009

Meet Phoebe

Well, the obsession with the bicycles continues, but the obsession turned into a purchase over the weekend. The wisest thing I've ever done? Likely not. However, I've been obsessing about this Amsterdam bicycle and we found a shop that actually had one. According to the shop owner (who could very well have been lying), there were only 500 of them produced for the entire world. I guess I won't be seeing them on every corner then, so that's pretty cool. I debated for a bit about the brightness thinking that it might be a magnet for thieves, but I guess on the bright side, if someone were to take it, I'd definitely be able to identify the bike,and then of course, I'd get to beat 'em down. :o)

So, I decided that because the Amsterdam is so pretty, and so colorful, she needed a fun, happy name: Phoebe.

Unfortunately, because of the snow over the weekend and the current icy condition of the roads, I can't take her more than down the street without running into a huge section of ice. I did get to ring the pretty bell, though.

Hopefully, by tomorrow the ice will melt, and even if there's still some snow on the ground and it's freezing as it is today, I should be able to take her to the grocery store or on some other errand. I'm very excited to take her for more than a 50 foot ride. Yippee!


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