Friday, May 1, 2009

Cow Burger

So, the Cow Burger is almost complete. I feel strange calling it the "cow burger" as it feels as though it needs a better name. I've run through several like, "Bessie Goes to Dinner" or "Farm Fresh" but I can't decide on anything in particular, so I don't know. I honestly just want to turn it in and get it over with because I feel as though all I've done is work on this damn thing! It's time for it to be over.

Beyond the actual drawing, I'm in preparation for finals. I have "drafting" AKA Perspective Drawing drawings to complete and art history to study for, so I should probably get to it. I just feel burnt, which seems to be the norm for me with the last week or two of classes. I'm trying to just get through it, so here's to getting it all done - right and quickly!

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